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About Marian

Marian EvansIt's all zest!

Marian Evans travels the world while sitting comfortably in her kitchen.
Accepting a monthly influx of International students in her home, to study English, she receives a colorful update of global politics, social mores and economy, about their country.

As men and women of all ages, personalities and characters, stir vibrant conversations, Marian cooks the day's meal with a dash of spice from each culture.

The fun begins but never ends when everyone collectively joins in the excitement, while witnessing each student’s personal behaviors.

When not with her students, Marian is either at her job or having lunch with the one who inspires her, her son, Adam.

Marian lives in a multicultural home with a revolving door, in Toronto, Canada.

The Book

RELEVANCE OF TRUTH: Thirty Years of Deception Revealed

At the beginning of January of 1981, Aisling Kelly, a young woman of strong morals is driving home, stopped by an on-duty New York police officer, and then proceeds to sexual assault her. The guilt becomes unbearable and she moves out of her family home.

Sergeant Walker led the investigation; however, years after the preliminary hearing, he befriends Aisling and her father.
She trusts Walker; she relies on him. He knows the details that no one else has heard...


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