The victim may experience too much or too little emotion, depression, shame, fear, anger, rage, loss of self. A victim needs to talk, and sometimes family and friends do not have the ability to cope with the emotional and or physical pain she/he is experiencing.

It is important to seek out a professional and begin the process through counseling. Choose a person whom you feel comfortable. Many victims blame themselves, but each session will bring you closer to transferring the blame from yourself and unto the perpetrator. A professional will also assist you towards recapturing your weakened confidence, and help you rebuild hope for the dreams that you once held close to your heart.

Group Counseling
Group Counseling is not for everyone, but some may experience a bond with other members within the group. Hearing other people speak of their trauma can inspire loyalty amongst each other. Knowing that you are not alone may garner internal strength.

Others may not have a positive experience within a group setting. They might have internalized the entire trauma and will benefit more during one on one counseling.

One on One Counseling
By opting for one on one counseling, the invividual can freely speak with the counselor, and together they will develop suitable solutions. The counselor will help  the person understand their emotions. It will take time to trust again, so be patient with yourself.

Now pat yourself on the back; koodos for having the strength to take the first step in finding and attending your first appointment with a professional.



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