‘What makes one feel happy?’

Happiness is a feeling within when one is in a state of well-being. Each individual has personal thoughts and experiences that ignite a feeling of happiness.

An internal smile leaves you with a feeling of wellness. An external smile not only instils wellness, it also reveals your happiness to those around you. Still, there are times when walking alone, traveling on a bus, subway or sitting on a park bench, you risk people’s judgment. They might surmise your level of sanity, but their opinions shouldn’t concern you. This is your moment, not theirs. A confident self eradicates your unease about others opinions regarding you.

Connecting your smile to a joyful emotion, and considering what caused your delight, helps in understanding your happiness. When allowing yourself to identify those instances, you might be pleasantly surprised; negative thoughts dispel and positive reactions flourish. Enjoy the electric glee of the moment. Happiness will exude from you and your friends, and family members will notice your optimism.

We have sad happenings throughout our lives. It’s inevitable. Unhappy experiences are normal; but recognizing a little virtue, even during not so pleasant times denounces pessimistic thoughts. However, don’t ignore the negative, learn from it. Choosing to see brightness in the negative can change your perspective. Looking forward to each tomorrow and believing that it will be a better day, strengthens your character and hope will prevail.

Extending a smile to someone who appears sad, may well brighten his or her day, induce strength and boost that person’s outlook. Your kindness might be the influence that helps that person reflect on his or her life’s riches. Your conscious effort will likely generate contentment within yourself.


During tumultuous times, it takes a conscious endeavor to identify pleasantries. Not everything we do, see, or experience will bring us to fulfillment. My goodness, if your life is filled with joy, please post your recipe towards incessant happiness.

Design your future. It takes courage to change ones attitude in the midst of personal turbulence. Control your negative intake and emotional reaction to pessimism. Trust your optimism and you will become an accomplished self.


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