You could be your first insecurity. What makes you, YOU

You have lost the sense of who you are.

You have lost the ability to understand yourself.

You have lost your purpose.

You have lost reason.

You have lost the meaning of life.

You question everything. Nothing matters anymore.

You feel naked inside.

You feel stripped of emotion.

You feel stripped of your heart.

You feel stripped of life.

You feel empty.

Help! No one is there.

Help! No one answers.

Help! No one understands.

Help! No one understands.

…because no one knows…

Trapped in a meditative state of nonexistence after an assault, you hear the buzz of people, the sounds of laughter, the music of life, and ask yourself, “what does it mean”?

The future is your all-encompassing insecurity that requires life. Your life is powerful. Insecurity affects everything within your day-to-day and everything around you, including your social interactions with people. You might doubt anything or anyone that spends just a single moment in your life.

Insecurities can strike in many forms: job, economic, financial, and social, health, moral, religious. The list goes on. Each one of us is born with his/her own personality, character, hopes, dreams, goals, desires, expectations, and likes and dislikes. Each person has their own understanding of what life is to them. This is a part of what makes every individual special.

Each person experiences a trauma in an utmost personal manner. Nobody can tell you how to feel or act. Based on the speed of their healing process, it affects each differently. There is no time barrier to cross and no rush to heal. Our bodies and our minds have clocks; therefore, the person differentiates the rate of speed for mental or physical healing. The one standing next to him or her might take a greater length of time to heal than you might, or vice versa, but that’s alright. YOU are extraordinary and your body and mind has its clock.

Your acknowledgment of the harms from the trauma begins at a different stage than the next person.

Remember your clock ticks at its own speed and there is nothing wrong with you.

You will smile again!

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